Mai Tai™ = Measure⇒Analyse⇒Interpret⇒Target⇒Act⇒Improve

Mai Tai™ = Measure⇒Analyse⇒Interpret⇒Target⇒Act⇒Improve





There is a huge drive world-wide to reduce energy and our impact on the environmental.



The UK Government climate change targets are to produce 30% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020, to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% on 1990 levels by 2025 and by 80% on 1990 levels by 2050.



Wi-innovate Ltd, focusses on developing the products and services that support the reduction in energy usage, believing that only what is measured can be improved and seeing is believing.



Based upon our fundamental 
AnalyseInterpret Target Act Improve


life cycle (Mai Tai), the enviroinsight solution provides key insights in to commercial buildings, generating an environmental DNA of the associated building stock in order that overall operating efficiency can be improved.



The enviroinsight solution forms our energy and environmental management platform that empowers commercial building owners and occupiers to reduce their energy usage, cost and ultimately its operational efficiency.



Distributed energy & environmental sensors and datafeeds, MEASURE parameters such as sub-circuit energy usage, internal & external temperatures, weather, gas & water consumption, air & water quality, waste and resource (people, equipment and asset) utilisation.

Once ANALYSEd these data-sets create “information” about the buildings environmental make-up, its DNA, that can then be
INTERPRETed into TARGETed key performance indicators (KPIs) that results in a set of concrete ACTions to IMPROVE energy and environmental performance locally and across a global building portfolio.

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Mai Tai™ = Measure⇒Analyse⇒Interpret⇒Target⇒Act⇒Improve